Sunday, December 18, 2011

Our Weekend

The weekend has went by so fast. Kevin has been off from Friday and won't go back to work until Tuesday. We LOVE having him home with us. We really miss him while he is gone.

On Friday, Kevin and I dropped the boys off at my parent's house so we could go to his Christmas Dinner for his company. It was super nice and we got to catch up with some of our friends from his work and all of the wives. We also got a chance to do some Christmas shopping before the dinner. It was nice to get away. I always look forward to date nights with Kevin.

On Saturday, we worked ALL day on the house. We had lots of little things to get done. We have 7 closets in our new house that needed shelving. I never knew how time consuming putting shelving in until this house. Kevin has become best friends with those shelves. Poor guy! I think he hung around 5 shelves just on Saturday plus some cabinets in my laundry room. He is such a trooper. I also tackled painting our hallway. I decided to try a color and picked a neutral tan color to go well with the white trim. I also had to paint all of our interior doors. They come a little creamy looking and knew I had this job coming for a few weeks now so I went ahead and tackled 8 doors this day. I was painting for 7 hours. The boys were super and entertained themselves most of the day with a few breaks for lunch, nap, and dinner. I was up until 1:30am finishing up the house.

Today, Sunday we had my dad's 52nd birthday party. We had lots of company and had a great time. Our friends Erin and Josh went ahead and brought the boys their Christmas gifts because they go out of town for Christmas. They had a great time opening gifts and it was a glimpse of how they will be for Christmas.

Kip opening his gift :)

Erin & Karson

Kip going to town! Loving the paper and ribbon.

The guys: Josh, Kev, and Karson watching the Lions game on their phone.

Cute Couple : Erin & Josh

This picture cracks me up. They are always being jokesters!

Erin and I : After looking at this picture I think: "Stacy you look way too tired here!" Get some sleep woman :) Erin is looking all fresh and pretty. Need to work on that tonight :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! Just 1 week until Christmas :)

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