Friday, December 16, 2011

Moved in and Settled!

We are finally in our new home and settled. I have unpacked all boxes and done almost all of the organizing. I still have some shelves to hang in the closets and lots of painting to do. We did have the whole house painted but I chose to just have them paint it all white and then when I had time and could really think about the color choices I would paint the colors. I have to admit I am not a HUGE color person. I am a scardy cat when it comes to color especially dark or bright colors. I really do love white. I think it makes the rooms look so much bigger.

We decided to also let my dad and Kevin finish the trim work. It was a decision we pretty much had to make because of the price increases in everything towards the end. BUT it's totally fine with us. We will get it done...(I am hoping before January 1st. That is my goal for them :)

Moving Day (My friend Erin & Kevin)

The boys have really done well with the move. I can't complain at all. They have not asked to go back to the "old" house. Karson did ask me if the "old" house was where daddy lived. I think he got confused there for a bit that daddy wouldn't be coming with us in the move but he realized that we were all together at the "new" house.

I will say that I was a bit sad and overwhelmed with the move. I think I only cried twice. It is just a special home where you bring your babies home to. We had lived in our "old" house for 5 years together and brought both boys home there. The boys really did love the neighborhood but it was time for a change. Kevin and I needed the change more than anyone. We could not live in the close tight neighborhood for much longer. We need to breathe and we need our space. Well....we got it!! I could go on my front porch and not a single person could see me. Kevin has been deer hunting more than he ever has because he doesn't have to drive anywhere just walk outback and start looking for a path to walk.Kevin has lived in South Point his entire life so I was a little worried what he would think about the country life. I am used to it because I grew up in the country. He says so far so good. I think he is seeing the peacefulness it brings.
I had my pumpkins to throw out because it was after Thanksgiving so we "let out some stress" but throwing them over into the burn pile. Karson thought we were hilarious.

1st night at the new house - Snuggled up with Daddy

Kitchen on moving day.

Still have lots of work to do!! I will post a house tour as soon as I finish up everything.
Better hit the hay. Will have a bright and early riser at 7:30am :)

Goodnight Y'all

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