Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trick or Treat 2011

Well the boys Karson had a great time trick or treating. Besides the costume battle we had a great time. Karson ended up being a giraffe and Kipton was still baby Jaguar. (Supposed to have been a Diego with him but you know how that goes)

Little brother had an OK time but after a few streets he was D.O.N.E and ready for bath and bed.
We cut the night short after an hour of walking around with neighbor friends and took the boys in for baths and bed for Kip. Karson on the other hand was a little hyped from the few suckers he had while trick or treating. Silly boy!

Kevin and Unc Two with their boys

Tired boy who needed a sucker to make it back home. HA

Karson is not usually scared of anything but he would not go under this big black cat to have his picture made. So it was just Cousin Dane and Kipton with me :)

Nana and Erin were back at our house passing out candy to the kids while we were taking the boys around the neighborhood. We came home and Erin helped me get the boys bathed and the house picked up.
Thankful for a great Nana & Friend.

A great night for our Family of Four :)

Hope all of you enjoyed a great family night!!!

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