Saturday, November 5, 2011

Random Pictures Post

I have had a bunch of pictures on my camera that I really haven't posted anywhere. So here's a post with a bunch of random pictures.

The boys at the new house. The workers were finishing up the primer this day. It is hard to have the boys out there with lots of things for them to get into. We normally just go look and then leave when they are actually working.
Really looking forward to our new front porch. Will be even more excited when there is railing up and I don't have to watch Kipton's every move.

Both of my boys have always done this in the car. Putting their hands behind their heads. I guess it's a GUY thing? HA HA

A pumpkin hat that my mom crocheted for Kipton. Super cute :)

Mr. Ham

This was a funny playdoh day. Karson made me a bracelet all by himself. He knew exactly how to roll it like a snake and then attach it together to make a circle. He said "Here Mommy! I made something for you"
Kipton's 1st try at Playdoh. He did GREAT! Didn't even attempt to eat it
This was a Friday night that Kevin was working. I was determined to get us out of the house that night so we had a dinner date to Chick-fil-a. (Karson picked) So here is our attempt at using the self-timer on the camera for the first time. Actually pretty tricky, but I love the boys expressions.


Have a great Sunday!

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