Tuesday, November 15, 2011

House Update

We are weeks away from being in our new house!! The Lord really knew what he was doing by making us wait until this time. It is almost time for my month long break from school. It will actually work out perfect. Even though I am impatient about moving in I know we have to wait for a reason. It's God's reason. Here are some pictures of the progress.

The kitchen. Not finished but almost getting there. 

The siding is almost done! They are still about 2 days from being done.
We went with an "Ivy" colored siding. It is actually a green. We knew from the beginning we didn't want a plain color like white, cream, tan because there are SO many houses with these colors. We wanted something different. We went back and forth between gray and a light blue. But then we saw a house with this color siding on it and asked them if they had any extra we could take to match up. They DID let us have an extra piece and we took it to Norandex and they matched it up for us. We trimmed the house in white and with the white windows we think it looks great. Can't wait for our Hunter Green shutters.

Still have white columns for the back and front porches and the white railing.

Here's to hoping that we are in the house in 3 WEEKS!!
Come on workers......work work work!

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