Thursday, November 24, 2011

House Update

Well we are about one week away from being in our new home. It has been a rough road but we are so close I CAN FEEL IT!!! The floors are all finished now and the bathrooms are all installed. The only thing left now is to finish putting the countertops on and the grout in the kitchen has to be scraped? Not sure about that. But it will all be complete by next Saturday. Here are a  few pictures that I have taken over the past few days.

Boys Bathroom

Kitchen/Living Room
The one countertop is out in the middle because we don't have the sink in yet.
Notice Karson on the right. He LOVES being at the new house. It has been a constant worry for me since we started building. I know they are young but I still worry it will confuse them and they won't want to leave their old house. But they LOVE the new house and I am so happy. It has been a prayer answered. Let's just hope they continue to like the new house and not ask about the old house.

Built in Bookshelves will be in there and a fireplace/tv on the wall

Mommy's wonderful helper. LOVES to clean!

We will be moving out of our "old" house on Saturday. Please say a prayer for us. It will be a hard day for me. This is the first home we had as a married couple and then we brought both of our boys here to this house. We know that our new house is better in all aspects but the old house still has many memories and it's bitter sweet. Say a little prayer for these two sweet boys that they continue to do well in the move over the weekend. It has been rough on everyone. But we will get through it!!

"We may not have it ALL together.........but together we have it ALL"

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