Friday, November 11, 2011

Day in the Life

Since August when school started back, I have been living for the weekends. Even though my classes are mainly until 1 or so it's not so bad but I feel like I miss out on the boys so much. It's such an adjustment but I know it will be for the better. Here is a sneak peak of our typical "weekday" day.

6:40 - Kip wakes up. Change him, watch cartoons with him.
Get ready myself.

7:30 - Wake up Karson. He is such a late sleeper that I ALWAYS have to wake him up.
Try to feed him something but he normally wont eat until 9ish.
Finish getting ready. Bags all packed for me and the boys.

8:15 - Head to the door. Coats, shoes, all that. (Seems like this takes forever each day. One of my most dreaded tasks)

8:20 - At the babysitters (Street behind where we live) Say goodbyes to the boys.

8:30 - Be at the Elementary School.

12:40 - Pick up boys from the babysitter.
Head home. Get them in their jammies for nap time. (another reason why I have so much laundry)

1:00 - NAPTIME for both boys. Even though I have always looked forward to naptime and my boys KNOW when it's naptime and are really ready for this time everyday I almost wish I could see them a bit more before naptime. But since they are on such a schedule they are ready by 1:00 and so they go down.

I am normally cleaning, doing homework, talking to Kevin, making phone calls, etc. It seems like naptime FLIES by and most days I only got a few things done. I never get a nap anymore. I SHOULD just lay down but I feel guilty if I'm not working on something.

3:30/4:00 - Boys wake up from nap.
Play, Prep for dinner

5:30 - Dinner

Clean up dinner, Play, Run an errand if needed

7:00 - Baths for boys


7:30/8:00 - Kipton's bedtime. (story, teeth)

Play with Karson. Finish up cleaning with Karson. Craft/Learning activity

9:00 - Karson's bedtime. (This has been a struggle latley. He has not wanted to go to bed at 9 so it's sometimes even 9:30 which I think is WAY too late for a 2 1/2 year old...BUT some nights there is nothing more I can do. He is just not tired yet. Sometimes I feel like he takes too long of a nap but he NEEDS his nap.

Then it's homework, cleaning, getting ready for the next day, bags packed, etc.

Then it starts all over again. Sounds exciting huh? Yeah not really I know. Somewhere in there is a lot of house talking and sometimes going to the house to check on progress and all that goes with that. Kevin has been so busy latley with work and working on the house that he is normally gone but when he is home he steps right in there and helps which I am so thankful for.

Hope you enjoyed seeing a day in our life.

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