Monday, July 11, 2011

Daily Learning

"When you teach your son, you teach your son's son." ~The Talmud

I absolutely LOVE this quote! I am one of "those" moms I guess. I LOVE to teach the boys. Especially now that Karson is at the perfect age (2 years in March) he just soaks it all in. He is like a sponge and really enjoys learning new things. He loves anything from singing his ABC's over and over, to learning how to take care of the garden each day and what kind of vegetables and fruits we are growing.

I came across an awesome blog:
 I Can Teach My Child

This mom is a stay at home mom whos passion is teaching her two boys through the different stages of development. She posts new activities to do that are cheap and fun all while learning. I decided to try one of her activities each day this week. Starting Sunday - Friday. I will update to show our fun!

Here was our activity that we did yesterday: Here is her version
(I changed it a bit and we just did the oatmeal/measuring cups/bottle and I also hid some frogs in the oatmeal for a hunt since Karson loves frogs. Great activity for sensory development.)

Before church I showed Karson the sensory tub. He loved it! Even little brother liked it but I had to make sure to keep his paci in :)

After church and before nap time..Karson asked again "Mommy..wanna play in oatmeal?" It was cute.
This time I was a little smarter and put down a big table cover.

I also gave Karson a bottle to try and pour the oatmeal into.
 (No this is not a beer bottle, but an old bottle from Kevin's grandpa's glass factory)

He did really well!

Lots of concentration

The aftermath.

This was a great activity. It kept Karson busy for nearly 30 minutes!
He has asked for it already today.

Hope you can use it too!

Today's activity is a scavenger hunt. Stay tuned!

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