Monday, June 25, 2018

Living with TOO much

I read a book this week titled "Almost Amish" that I rented from the library. 
It was an interesting book that was written by a wife and mother who wanted to make her life more simple. 
She had everything and more. Living the "American Dream" as people say. However, her and her husband and their children were not happy. 
Why you say? They were living on a very large doctor salary. They had every gadget and toy and fancy decor that you could buy. But still not happy. Their life felt meaningless. Empty.

She realized soon, that they needed Christ in their life. They realized they were empty without him. 
They made some changes. Then made even more changes. By the end they were living in a very small home, and he had totally quit his job as a doctor in order to serve the Lord and spread the gospel. Wow, it was an encouragement. What would I say to my husband if he came home and said "I quit my job today to serve the Lord". 
What happened? They all became happy with their new life. A more simple life. 
I guess it goes to show we do live in a world full of abundance, but we don't really need all that we think we do.
Sometimes I think my children deserve more. More things, better clothes, exciting toys, but really they don't. Looking back on my childhood I can't remember what toy I got on my 6th birthday or even my 13th birthday. But I do remember the relationships I had, and the memories of going to church and serving others. 
So today I say, being thankful with what you do have is important. We are working on this with our oldest two boys now. Just this morning before church they were complaining of not having a "new" notebook to take notes in at church. We explained that the notebooks they have aren't old. They are written in, and used. There is nothing wrong with that. There is no need for new. 
Teaching contentment in our world today is hard. We can say it to our children, but we must show it. I know I am not always the best example. But I want to be. I want to strive for that. 
The bible tells us not to have worldly minds. 

We can't store up treasures in this earthly life. 

I am praying for guidance for my own life. 


Billie Jo said...

Such lovely and true thoughts this evening.
Having too much around me leads to chaos in my mind.
Thank you for sharing. : )

Simply Farmhouse said...

This post spoke volumes to my heart, It is so very true.
Are children are taught they must have new this or that.

Thank you for the sweet reminder how we need to return to
my roots of living simple and not only living simple but
to teach my daughters those ways as well. A heart that
is content and serving the Lord.

Hugs to you and Kase.

Simply Farmhouse said...

* "Our" children