Monday, January 1, 2018

Winter Blues

Is it really a "TRUE" thing to have the winter blues?

I decided to do some research for myself.

 Google says: "You may have what's called seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. The condition is marked by the onset of depression during the late fall and early winter months, when less natural sunlight is available. It's thought to occur when daily body rhythms become out-of-sync because of the reduced sunlight." 


I know personally I feel some days I suffer from the winter blues. Mainly, I just love being outdoors. Many days we eat all three meals outside during the summertime. We have three boys that NEED that outdoor sunshine and fresh air. To release the energy, and play away until the sun sets. 

Then winter comes. 

We are stuck indoors, but it could be a good thing. 

I feel almost like a bear hibernating. More time to rest and relax, but that is where the winter blues set in for me. I like to keep busy. I do stay busy with my boys and with keeping of the home. I am one that loves being home. 

But I LOVE being outdoors. 

Here in West Virginia it has been 3 degrees in the mornings. Our boys still brave the cold once or twice a day and bundle up and go out for about 20 minutes just for some fresh air. 

I hope you are somehow, beating the winter blues. 

I am dreaming of the warm springy days where we will be creating and planting our gardens. 

What about you? What are you looking forward to?


Wendi said...

I know all about the winter blues. I try to go out on the back porch for at least five minutes. I haven't been able to the last few days because of the bitter temperatures. It was only -4 at noon today. Brrr.... I'm keeping busy but really miss being outside! I'm dreaming of the days before I can get into the yard, yet can spend time on back porch soaking in the sun.

Billie Jo said...

I actually enjoy winter, which is funny because I do not enjoy skiing, skating, or sledding! LOL
I enjoy being inside, cozy and warm with a good book and a cup of coffee.
I do understand about children and their need to be outside each day.
My children love to be outside during the other seasons, but here in Pennsylvania, winter can be brutally cold.
Myself, I find it helpful to keep on a schedule and shower/dress everyday first thing.
If not...I really feel sluggish all day!
Also, I try to keep my family on a schedule...
And plan activities around upcoming holidays, even if it is Groundhogs Day!
Anyway, nice visiting you.
And I hope you get some sunny days soon. : )

Simply Farmhouse said...

As long as we have bright sunny days I am good in the winter. It gets to me when there isn't any sun for 2 or three days. That's when I turn all the lights on in the main area of the house, this helps a lot to create that warm glow. What I love about winter is, its reminds me that I need to rest in Him and focus on our Lord. It slows my life down and helps me to reflect and to dig deeper in His word. I have been looking at seed catalogs that has came in the mail. About mid way through February I am ready for spring. Meanwhile, It helps to put up a chair in the sunny window and just soak in the sun that comes through the glass windows, when its to cold to go out. ((((HUGS))) sweet friend.

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

I know all too well about the winter blues. I have battled utterly for 17 years. I try to get in some sun daily. Try!! Walk as much as I can. Journal. Pray. I am a homebody but I force muse to have a coffee date, visit library, or visit a friend every two weeks.

Paula said...

Hi there! :)
I love the winter, but somedays I also have the winter blues.
My favorite place to be, is in the beach, near the sea and I love warm, sunny days...
I've already told my husband, that we need to live in a tropical island!
Have a blessed 2018!