Friday, December 29, 2017

Your Christmas

How was it?
Ours was very simple. We have 3 boys and they enjoyed every minute of it. I am thankful to have boys who are truly thankful for the holiday and have positive spirits.

I am blessed to be home with my boys. Home is a place that I love to be.

Tomorrow I need to run out to do some grocery shopping and errands. I normally take my boys right along, but with flu season here in full swing I decided it may be best if they enjoy some daddy time at home.
What about you? Do you do your shopping alone, or do your kiddos tag along each week?
I have done both and I don't really have a preference. I love my children and enjoy them much.

Blessings on the upcoming celebration of 2018!


Simply Farmhouse said...

Your Christmas sounds wonderful. We kept our Christmas simple enjoying our family time together. I always do my shopping all in one day. Two weeks before Christmas I left the girls home with dad and went to a few favorite stores. I found all they asked for and came home. Keeping it simple is my favorite way to have Christmas.

Billie Jo said...

Your Christmas sounds lovely!!!!
Love the cozy family Christmas the best.
That is how we do it here as well.
My children are older, but when they were small, my hubby and I took turns shopping.
I agree with you on avoiding the germs!!!
Have a happy New Year!!!!!!!