Wednesday, June 21, 2017

June Musings

June has come and almost gone so fast.

The older I get, the faster life seems to pass by. I long for the days when my older boys (who are 8 and 6) were little ones in diapers. Thankfully, I do still have one in diapers totting around. It is always fun when a baby is in the house.

The big boys have been out of school now for almost a month.

We have had a blessed month for sure. Here are some things that we have been up to:

We've spent every minute together and that is my favorite part.

We have been camping to a few of our favorite spots here in West Virginia and in Kentucky.

We've stayed up around a campfire, and slept in the next morning.

Put up our little pool, to only have to tear it down and start over :/

Enjoy many activities with our church family and be in a week long gospel meeting.

Spend time with our family and close friends.

Read chapter books together and go to the library each week.

Work in our garden (which has been my personal favorite)

Had a new kitty join our barn crew. We all decided on the name Jessie.

The cat reminds us all to slow down and take it easy. Watching her sleep in the rocking chairs, makes me want to do the same.

Enjoying the chickens, and all that goes along with barn chores.

We just have had a blessing of June. It has been so good to us!

How has your month gone? Is it flying by?
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Simply Farmhouse said...

What a wonderful month of June you all have had. Even thou it has flew by, you can surely said it was a great one for your family. Our oldest went to youth camp, other then that we have spent most of the month here at home. The girls and grand children had been busy making crafts and getting wet in a little wading pool. Home vaca you might say. Enjoy your evening.