Thursday, August 11, 2016

Summer in the Country

We take big walks to the mailbox each evening after dinner. We asked My husband not to pick up the mail when he gets home so that we have something to do each evening :) simple living there. 

The goats enjoy when we are sitting on the bench. The especially love baby feet.

Which speaking of baby feet, this baby is growing like a weed. He is pulling up to stand on everything! 

He also gets tired on our evening walks. He really wants 3 naps a day but will only take 2. So his sweet little head starts getting heavy while the boys play and run. 

Some evening pictures of the backyard. Going out to feed and put the goats up for the night. So peaceful. 

Have a great Thursday! This week has flown by!!

1 comment:

Simply Farmhouse said...

I love the simple pleasure of walking down the lane to the mail box.
Love all the photo's. Talk to you next week.