Thursday, August 18, 2016

New School Year 2016

My big boys began school on Wednesday 8-17-16. It was a wonderful summer but I really believe my boys were ready to see some buddies. 

We have picked public school, for now. I say that because I truly believe that is what God wants for our boys and what is best for both of them at this time. Is it our forever? Maybe, maybe not. We go year to year. 

So this year Karson is in 2nd and Kipton in 1st. 

The hardest part will be them seperated during the school day. They absolutely love each other and are so close! They were excited to tell me yesterday they have lunch and recess together. That is a huge blessing! 

Baby brother who is 9 months didn't know quite what was going on but I'm sure he's wondering why it's so quiet at home during the mornings. 

Day 2. A little tired from a long first day and church in the evening but happy too! PE day which they love and look forward to. 

Baby Kase and I will stay busy with home chores until time to pick those big boys up. We sure miss them! It is always a big adjustment for us all when they go back. 

I pray for a great school year!

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Simply Farmhouse said...

Ahhhh your sons are so sweet. You can tell they are close. I am back!!