Monday, July 18, 2016

New Goats on our Farm

Image MapAfter our return from the Amish Country, we quickly knew we could really make use of some goats. We have about 2 acres to mow with the rest being woods. Most of that is weedeating. 

Those West Virginia hills that we are known for are pretty hard to mow around. There is no way we could own a riding mower so we have a 4 wheel drive push mower and then weedeat the rest. 

That is where we are hoping these guys will come into play. 

My husband found two twin male goats online. They have been perfect with kids!

Here is our middle son Kipton with Wags.

We have a lot of area still left in our barn, but it needed separated. My husband built a dividing wall and make it into a stall for them. He found that wooden "stool" for them to get onto and look out the window.

The front of the stall. He worked for two days straight to get it ready for them to come home. It looks amazing! They go right into their stall after they have been out grazing.

I'll share soon, how we got them on a great schedule.

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