Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Happy Birthday Kipton

Today our second born son turns six years old. He is a joy! We are so lucky he is in our family. 

He is amazing. He is always thinking of others and a great testimony of living out what he hears. We read the bible and learn new verses and things together and he tries super hard to live them out. 

He has a love for animals. He mentions many times that he hopes to be a bull rider someday. He also never wants to live without his big brother Karson. 

He has a kind heart. 

He goes along with his brother in everything. He adores Karson. 

He also wants to be just like his daddy. He wanted his birthday cake chocolate because he knew that was dads favorite. He is always putting others before him. 

He is very funny and silly. He actually shares many of the same traits as my husband. Very laid back and fun! 

We love you so much Kipton! I can't believe you will be heading to 1st grade this year. 

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