Saturday, June 4, 2016

Our Baseball Season

Both of our older boys played baseball this year. They've had a lot of fun and learned more about the game. 

The one thing I hope for most is good sportsmanship. I don't need them to be the best. I just want them to be a good sport with the game and towards their teammates and others. 

Kipton is 5 and played tball for the Pirates. Kipton is a go getter! He never complains. He is such a good sport! He encourages others. 

Karson is 7 and played in minor league. He is learning about how to show others compassion, and being dedicated to the game. He started out playing in the outfield but has since moved to 2nd base. He is doing amazing at 2nd! 

The thing I love best about baseball is just the at home playing. I love to play a game of family baseball. We all have such a good time together. 

This is the last week and the season is over. I do enjoy when it is over too :)

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