Sunday, March 27, 2016

Kase - 5 months

Kase, you are 5 months! It happened on March 21st. 

You are growing like a weed. 

You wear 6 month size clothes. You wear a size 3 diaper. 

Your likes so far:
All of the baby foods so far
Swinging outside
Your brothers
Taking rides in the stroller
Bath time
Being swaddled at night
Your paci
Blanket with a little bear on it (silkie)
Your dislikes:
Being away from your family
When we put you down
Taking naps in your bed on your own
You had a hard end of the 4th month. You had a hard time with teething. You got your bottom two front teeth, and it was hard on you!
You still have belly troubles from time to time. You are learning to go along with our new baseball schedule. It is many nights late at the ball field and you and mommy hang out in the van.
We love you so much!
Loves being tickled!


He is also enjoying looking at himself in the phone camera ;)

We love you Kase!

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