Thursday, March 17, 2016

Kase - 4 Months

Kase, you turned 4 months on February 21st. I am a little late updating about your life this month. Here's what you have been up to. 

You are eating baby food now. 
Your favorite kinds are mixed pears with oatmeal, peas, apples, and prunes. You smile the most with prunes so I would say that is your most favorite! 

You are rolling really well from belly to back, and just started this week rolling from back to belly. It won't be long and you'll be rolling all across the room. 

We hung up your baby swing on our playground set and you LOVE it! You smile the entire time we push you and have fallen asleep each time. The boys love to push you. 

You love to take walks on these beautiful weather days. You fall asleep on almost every walk. 

You are enjoying going to the babysitter and do well there. 

You are going to sleep at 8:00 pm and sleeping until about 5:30 am. Pretty awesome for a 4 month old. 

You have been hit and miss on your nap schedule. Sometimes you take a long 3 hour nap and then some days you nap for 30 minutes. 

You got 2 bottom teeth this month!! Those were rough to come in. You had a fever with them around 99.

You also had your 4 month shots. Those were not fun. After doing much research we may have a different plan for them. 

You ran a fever for 2 days of 100 after your shots. 

You wear a size 3 diaper now and 3-6 month clothes still. 

You have found your feet :)

The pediatrician said you are in the 10%for weight and 7% for height. You are small but mighty!! We love you!

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