Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Kase - 2 Months Old

On October 21st Kase turned 2 months.
He weighed 10lbs 14 ounces at his 2 month check up with his pediatrician. He was 22.5 inches long. That is 14th % in weight, and 25th % in height. He is small, but mighty.
He is a wonderful baby. He may be our best baby yet! I know it's still early, but he is truly a wonderful little boy. He is just so happy to be with his family and happy to watch us as we do our daily routines.  

He hardly cries unless he's hungry. He is a joy to be around.
Here are some things I enjoy about Kase :)
-He likes to be held.
- He takes a paci some, and sucks his fingers some.
-He loves watching his brothers.
-He likes to be in his swing, his bouncy chair, his bassinet, and playing on his play mat.
-This month he started patting at the animals that hang down from his play mat.
-He takes 4 oz each time he eats.
-He is on formula now after a very slow weight gain, and he is doing great!

-It is hard to hold him off for bathtime at night. He wants to be bathed around 7:00. This moves his bedtime so early that it causes some early wake ups, but we are still flexible with his schedule.
-He wakes up twice in the night. :(
-He loves taking a bath and has started splashing this month.
-He doesn't mind the car seat now.

- He will let you hold him to sleep, or he will let you put him down in his bed/bassinet.
He is so flexible :)

I can't wait to see how he has grown when January 21st comes and he will be 3 months old.
He is such a fun, loving, happy baby!
WE are so in love with our 3rd son. He came at just the right time. God knows just what we need.


Teresa @ Simply Farmhouse said...

Have sweet and how blessed you are. Any snow your way? We had a dusting so far this year.

Stacy Dick said...

We actually got our first snow last night/yesterday. It isn't much but I'll take it. We had a 70 degree Christmas. It just didn't feel right. I guess winter is taking her time this year.

Teresa @ Simply Farmhouse said...

I believe winter is taking its time. I hope we at least get our normal winter.
So Spring will be beautiful.