Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Week of Christmas

Just a hodge podge of events leading up to Christmas.
I have loved Christmas this year. It hasn't been as stressful in years past and it all started with ME. I found that Christmas wasn't stressful it was ME that was stressful.
Mothers make the home. They can make it stressful or peaceful. It all starts with us.
We have bought less. Visited people more. It's amazing how different this year has been.
We have mainly been enjoying our sweet new boy.
All of our boys at our church the Wednesday before church. They had a fun Wednesday for the kids. Santa pictures, games, and pizza. The boys had a great time.
Kevin had a work Christmas dinner on a Friday night. That same morning Karson got sick with the stomach bug. He was throwing up all night and so I couldn't leave him to attend with Kevin.
Kipton decided to be daddy's date that night and they had a great time together. They looked so handsome before leaving.

Kase turned 2 months old on the 21st of December. He is a growing boy!

All of my boys. My life is one picture :)

Hope your Christmas week was well.

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