Friday, December 11, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It's December 11th, and it has been a busy month so far.
The boys enjoy holding their little brother. Kipton especially wants to hold him and rock him. If you can imagine a 5 year old's rocking is a sight to see.
This picture says a thousand words to me.
Blessed. Honored. Thankful. Full.
Just to name a few.
Karson - (6) Kipton - (5) Kase - (7 weeks)
I enjoy having the tree up. It is a beautiful backdrop for pictures. I changed up our tree this year. I used to have a lot of the deco mesh, but it is just not my style anymore. I like simple, clean, and country. My tastes continue to change. Even in my clothes, my tastes are changing.
My big boys looking so big!

Christmas Tree 2015
I put burlap ribbon in between the layers. It has red and gold ornaments and the sweet ones that my boys have made. I have Kevin's deer antlers placed around the tree to give it that country feel. The top has red picks in it with berries also.
Kipton is sure proud of his little brother. He wants his picture taken in front of the tree with Kase often. He is a big helper. Both boys have fed him and diapered him. They help me talk to him and sing when he is fussing in the evenings. They are really a big help to me.
Karson had a program at school this past week. It was about elfs and he really enjoyed the play. However, he is not much on singing in front of large crowds, or wearing an elf hat :)
But he did his part, and it was cute!

I hope your December is going well!
I hope to get a post of my Christmas decorations up soon!

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