Thursday, November 19, 2015

Serving Others this Christmas

As I sit down to write this post, I realize there are many things I could write about.


Children. Jesus. Country Living. Mothering. Marriage. Chickens. 

All things that I do love. But all I can think about are those around me that are in need. Especially during this holiday season. 

God has shown me this Christmas of many that are in need. People that live right in our city. Right in our schools. Even in my neighborhood. 

God keeps asking me:"What are you doing to help?"

We have bought for an angel off of the tree, but it's not enough this year. I can do more. If I can buy a Starbucks coffee then I can buy for another child in need. "Keep giving Keep giving" is what God is saying to me. 

So, I am learning to give more. We don't need "extra" things. We need to give to others who don't even have the necessities. 

What are you doing to help others this year? 

One boy wanted a blanket because his dad and him are homeless and they travel around. A simple blanket. 

One baby could use some swaddle blankets because he's outgrowing his but still needs them because he is addicted to drugs still at 4 months. 

Another baby is addicted to drugs and could use some stimulation toys to grow his brain. 

These requests send me into a heavy hearted momma. My boys have everything they need and want. I'm sure your children do also. 

Let's all push ourselves to do more.

We can be the hands and feet of Jesus

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