Monday, September 7, 2015

33 weeks

Its true. With each passing pregnancy you are a little bit more Behind. I thought with Kipton I was always playing catch up on baby books and developing pictures. This time I'm doing good to just take pictures of my growing belly :)

I have had a few, well many hard blocks with this pregnancy but it doesn't make it any less special. 

Very sick the first 15 weeks, then from 20-28 some very very painful bladder issues, and then to gestational diabetics. 
However, with each stage God got me through it. At 22 weeks I prayed and pleaded with God to not take this baby early. I was just sure with the pain there was no way it was going to get 40 weeks. Yet here I am at 33 almost 34 weeks and feeling much better all around. 

I've had to make some big decisions with my own teaching career and with prayer and thought God has once again led me In the best direction for me and my family. I am amazed that he would help little ole me and my silly prayers but he does. 

I am.thankful. Blessed. Amazed. 

Thank you God for another pregnancy. 
For two great boys who help me, and a husband who is always there. For new amazing friends, and for a miracle growing inside to join this world to serve you. 

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