Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Kipton Graduates from Pre-School

I'm catching up on all of May's activities. Shew!
Kipton graduated from his little pre-school. He had a good year and made lots of friends. He grew in his social skills, and learned how to be a good friend to others.
His teacher texted me the night before his graduation because she wanted to tell me just how great Kipton has been in her class. That he was a leader to the other kids, and everyone looked up to him for his good behavior and kind heart.
He sure is special!
He is still a small little guy and still only 4 years old. He is much ready to go onto Kindergarten but will be one of the youngest in his class because of his late summer birthday. I am positive he will soar!
Brothers, Forever
Just the Boys
Kipton Lee - 4 years Old
His class got up on stage and sang a few songs. It was cute. They received a little ribbon and certificate saying they had completed Pre-K.
I hope my boys are forever this close. Karson was so excited for Kipton to be finished with Pre - K. Now, they will both be at the same school next year.
I love these milestone moments, but wow they are happening so fast!!
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