Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Karson's Graduates from Kindergarten

Karson had his graduation last week. It was a busy one for sure!
His Kindergarten had been working on a play to perform for the parents the day of their graduation/awards ceremony. I got a note a few months ago stating that Karson would have a special speaking part, and that he was going to be a "yellow jacket" in their play called "BUGZ".
They wanted Karson to have a special yellow jacket costume but guess who will NOT wear a costume and has never liked dressing up as a toddler. Yep, my boy!
So this proved to be a little difficult but I tried making the costume as much "clothes" like and less costume like. He was happy and so was the teacher. He was a cute yellow jacket who did all of his speaking with ease. We were very proud.
After the play he received his awards. He ended up with 4 different awards from his Kindergarten year. A reading award for reading all sight words, a math mastery award, a Kindergarten certificate, and a STAR speller award. He was proud!
Karson had a great year in Kindergarten. Not one complaint from either side. He went from a small preschool to a large Kindergarten class and he did it with ease. I was very proud of him for sticking it out everyday even when he just had a blah kind of day.
He made lots of friends, and was one of the student's of the months for January for using self-control. He always had good reports and went very far in his reading and math.
He had a wonderful teacher Mrs. Bowens. We will never forget her. Kipton is so lucky to get her next year. She is one of the best in our county.
Now, my baby is off to 1st grade ;(
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