Friday, May 8, 2015

Baby #3 is.....

Another sweet baby BOY!
Our boys are thrilled, and we are just thrilled that God is giving us another blessing.
When the lady announced it was a BOY they were hugging and jumping! It was a sweet time.
I have come to the realization there will probably never be baby dolls in my house or much pink until maybe grandchildren. But I am perfectly ok with that. God knows what I need.
I love boys. I love the fact that I am raising these boys to be good husbands and fathers.
I have been thinking about how being a BOY mom has changed ME. I am much different than I was in high school & college. I have always been a "girly girl". I LOVED clothes, pink, shimmery things. I do sometimes still love these things, but they are just not necessary for me anymore.
Now it's fishing, hiking, mud, dirt, baseball, creatures, and lots of FOOD!
That will give us 4 boys in our house!
My husband loves to teach the boys. They are now in fishing season which means lots of baits, line, and patience.
Lots of baseball right now too!

Little brother is not playing due to his surgery he had but he sure is a good helper!

Getting brother dressed and ready.

Look here, I'm ready!!!

A very unofficial picture of their team, but so cute nonetheless.

So I see lots of loud, messy, crazy moments in my future with a house full of boys.
I am not quite sure we are finished having children, but God sure has blessed us with these boys!

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Teresa @ Simply Farmhouse said...

Aw congrats on the new baby boy! I have 5 grandsons and we love having little boys around. Little boys are so sweet. I hope your son is well soon. Praying for your family. blessings Teresa