Wednesday, October 22, 2014

God Knows

Have you ever wondered why different situations come your way? I have had MANY different life experiences here latley, where I have wondered WHY?

 After a couple of days, I feel better and feel like I have an answer as to why it happened.

God Knows, every situation your going through. The small ones, the big ones, and the ones in between. I have learned lots of "lessons" here lately.

Lessons that will last forever.

I am thankful that God knows.

I am praying that God uses me in ways I never thought he would.

I am praying for a happy 2014 and an even better 2015. 

So, I am praying for happiness.

In everything, God knows!
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1 comment:

Teresa @ Simply Farmhouse said...

He does knows...and He cares. Just wondering how you been. Blessings to your family.