Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bow Season

The last weekend of September, was the opening of bow season in West Virginia. Kevin was working on that particular Saturday, but that didn't stop me and the boys. We walked up on top of the hill and got into the blind. We had a good time together.

Karson is really into hunting. He has his own bow and arrows so he's all ready. 

I love how much they love the outdoors. 

We got tired of sitting after an hour so I suggested we walk a little. They had fun looking for deer clues. I enjoy it just because they do. 

Kipton brought along his play cell phone and pretended to talk to his buddies. All while Karson reminded us that we shouldn't be talking :)

Got a little tired so he layed down in the blind. 

The following week, Kevin went while I was at school and found me a bow. We have talked about finding one for a while now but just kept putting it off. Now I can go with everyone and hunt. 

I can't say I was so thrilled with this purchase because they are quite expensive but he assured me that it's a lifetime purchase being that our boys will want to hunt for many years. This will allow me to help! 

It is quite fun to shot at the targets! I enjoy learning new sports! Especially ones my boys love. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

September Happenings

The weekdays are busy, and the weekends are meant for resting at home, soaking up every minute with the boys, and catching up around the house. 

A few pictures from our weekends together. 


Boating on the river,

Learning about daddys boats, 

and eating at a "special place" after church.

I hosted a baby shower last weekend for a friend. She was surprised and so thankful. 

Kipton had grandparents day at school. Kevin's parents came because they are retired, and he had an awesome time.

The boys are busy at home building things. Farms, ant hills, frog habitats, turtle homes, and just lovin life in the country.

I'm so thankful Fall is almost here! 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Everyone is at School!

Well, my blogging is few and far between these days. But I want to keep posting, so I remember our days in 2014. I can't believe it's almost the middle of September. Life is going by so fast. 

Karson started Kindergarten on August 5th. I had plans on keeping Kipton (4) home with me and doing some lessons at home to spend more time with him. Then on August 24th, I got a phone call to be a Kindergarten teacher at a school 2 minutes from our home. They were needing a 3rd class because of too many children.

So now Kipton started preschool while mommy is gone. It has really been hard on me. I feel like I failed him, but he is happy. I think he is more happy. We don't live near neighborhood kids, so this is a good chance for him to be around other children before he starts Kindergarten. 

(Kipton on his first day of Preschool)

(Kipton's 2nd day of preschool, Karson is now a PRO at Kindergarten)

(Karson's teacher sent me this one morning)

I know that in all things, God is the reason things happen. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

The end of August....

I have quite a bit to update about. It will probably be a bore to most of you. 

Kipton had his first horse riding lesson. He loved it. They brushed him down, saddled him up, and learned the basics.

He has no fear, and loved learning. He rode around the rink with the teacher and then shortly later wanted to be turned loose. 

Big brother watched from the side. He loved watching brother. 

My boy have been waiting for hunting season. We have 5 acres to hunt along with my parents property. The boys has been busy filling up feeders. 

They have also kept busy finding frogs, and building homes for them. 

We have enjoyed the weekends with fires, lots of catching up, and long naps.

We are blessed. I give all thanks to The Lord!