Sunday, February 2, 2014

This hasn't happened since 1978

This past week something so crazy happened in our area. The Ohio River froze over. This hasn't happened since 1978. (Kevin's facts, not mine) Kevin said it was so hard to work in, and made working on night shift even colder and harder. I felt so sorry for his deckhands, and made special treats each night to make things a little easier on them. We drove the boys downtown to the boat launch to let them see daddy's office. Karson wanted to know every single detail about why and how this happened. More than anything, Kevin was so worried the ice would bust a hole in his boat and it could sink easy and fast while working. We prayed so hard for him each night he was out.

Last week, Karson didn't have preschool at all. We baked. A LOT! This particular day, we were baking the men chocolate chip cookies to send. You can tell my boys get to lick. Look at that face on Kipton. 

To cure some of the winter boredom we went to a game center and ate pizza and played games. All of my boys had fun. Even daddy!

We scored some great deals on pajamas! Kipton and I went to the mall one day that Karson and daddy were working on something at home, and got pajamas for $2.99 a pair. SCORE!!!!!

Saturday we had the best, most glorious day in all of days. It was 65 degrees! YES, it was amazing. The boys and I did our weekly grocery store run to Kroger early in the morning so we could get back, unpack, and get outside. We were outside from 11:45am - 5:15pm. They both cried because I made them come in for dinner. Such outside boys they are..I LOVE it!

We took hikes, cut trees, built a fire, cleaned the chicken house, jumped on the trampoline, ok ok you don't really care, but anyway we had fun!!

Kevin is a chicken lover after all. He loves them, and all the work they acquire. He likes to eat the eggs so hey ya gotta work for that. (A good story coming about our chicken house catching fire soon.Well, not good but a happy ending for all.)

After that glorious 65 degree day, we are getting 3-5 inches tonight. Not sure how I feel about that. That means, no preschool for next week and lots of days stuck at home. But, we'll manage. God is with us moms!! 

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The Rimke Chronicles said...

Cute little guys!! I love the R-O-T-T-E-N and Ornery comment!! HAHAHA!! It's good to have a sense of humor with little boys!!! Mine are the same sometimes.