Friday, October 11, 2013

Our Week

Monday: Karson had school from 9-12. Kipton and I dropped Karson off in our pajamas. (Yes I know if you would've told me that I would be dropping off in my pjs I would say your crazy but it's AWESOME!!!) 

We came home and did some laundry and then took a walk. Our gravel road is covered in leaves. He loves for me to throw leaves at him. :)

Then we made a cake for when Karson gets home. Of course you must wear your new Halloween costume when baking.

After baking we were cleaning up and saw a deer and our rooster just grazing around our backyard. I thought it was neat. Just a beautiful thing to see. 

Tuesday: Karson had preschool from 9-12. Afterwards we went to the park to play. We came home and spent the rest of the evening playing until bath and bedtime. We wore our Halloween pajamas for the first time :) 

Wednesday: it was Karsons day off and we decided to head over to our friend Samuels house for a play date with lots of our friends from mom club. We came home and later that day we went to the chicken house where we finally got an egg. They had stopped laying for over 4 months. We have been telling them we were going to eat them if they didn't start laying :) haha

Thursday: today Karson had school again. He wore his Marshall outfit for his Marshall loving mommy. 
Kipton of course wanted his picture like Karson. He looks up to Karson so much!

We went to a few little stores before picking Karson up. He has been wanting to touch this bear forever. 

After pick up we went to the library to get a new stash of Halloween books. We have already read all 9 of them plus ours. We love seasonal books!!

When we got up we had an outdoor picnic. It is around 73 degrees and windy. So perfect for fall. We have cut out naps. More on that later but we had quiet time from 2:00-2:45 then we were back outside. Bedtime has now moved to 7:00. 

Today: Friday we have no real plans except for an Alumni game tonight for my high school. I am pretty excited!! It will be the boys first high school football game. The alumni majorettes and cheerleaders are performing the school song. I am already nervous : / eeeeeeek

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