Saturday, October 19, 2013

5 things for Saturday

Well I missed high five for Friday so I thought I would share five things on Saturday. 

1. Both of my boys have been sick since Wednesday. Karson has the croup and Kipton has a low fever with no other symptoms. We have watched way too much TV and ate too many popscicles but we are surviving. 

2. Thanking God for fresh air. We finally got out of the house after 2 days inside. Went down to the playground and everyone felt like playing. I am a huge outside person and the boys are too. We had cabin fever after day 1. :)

3. I made a new reward system. Stickers for good behavior, obeying, helping around the house, listening the first time, eating good. When your chart is filled up I will take both/or particular boy to get a small toy. (dollar tree has been our go to) 

Now if I can just get Karson to turn that S around. But it's totally normal and I'm not harping much. (Even though it kills me a little inside) 

4. Drives to Chickfila (which isn't close) just for a drive and eating in the car. They have the best chicken noodle!

5. We are building our fireplace. Well let's scratch that. Kevin and my dad are. I am helping with the ideas and materials pick up. We are now framing it all up and putting stone all over it. I'll post a DIY post about what we did once it's all finished. 

Thankful for tomorrow. I love Sundays! Here is a quote that I read and it makes so much sense. 

"If you're too busy for church, then your just too busy!" 

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