Saturday, August 17, 2013


This past week was my first full week teaching this school year. It's actually my first time EVER taking a job other than just subbing for a day. My boys have never really been away from me in the past 4 years. When I was pregnant with Karson I stopped working at a bank that I had worked at all through college. I quit working in January and he was born in March. Since then I have not worked. 4 years at home. All summer I have prayed, thought, cried, and prayed some more about whether or not to bid on teaching jobs. I did, and heard nothing all summer. So I thought God didn't want that for me. Then 4 days before school starts in our county I got a call to teach 2nd grade until Christmas break at least. After that, I will be available to other schools to fill in for long term leaves. So, I've had a whole new adjustment to life. But it's actually been just fine. I think??? :) The boys have totally surprised me and not cried or looked back once. I won't lie, I miss them so bad sometimes I feel sick. I've just need to find a balance between working and keeping up with things at home and I'm sure I will with time. 

I get home at 3:45. My school is 45 minutes away from my house or I would be home sooner. I am thankful for the evenings. I do nothing but spend time with them. I appreciate them more and how good they really are. A lot of the time when you are home a lot you start to second guess everything. I also love the adult friendships I've already made. Lunch time is so fun!! 

Here are a few pictures from this past week. Any of you working moms please share any tips you have for surviving the week and how to get caught up on the weekends. It's Sunday at 3:00 and I just now feel "caught" up. 


Lana said...

I understand feeling pulled in all directions being a working mama with a toddler!

It takes me a while at the beginning of each year to get back into a groove.

I do most of the laundry on weekends because it's just easier for me, but it does make my weekends full of laundry and chores. Sometimes I feel like I'm in survival mode during the week! :)

Good luck! I hope your transition goes as smoothly as possible. Tomorrow will be my first day back with students.

Kelley said...

Aside from maternity leaves I have always worked outside the home. I would say the best decision my husband and I made was to have someone come into the house every other week and deep clean. The lady we found is amazing! I do at least one load of laundry each evening and always feel pretty much caught up. Then weekends are spent loving on my boys. Like you said, you'll find the balance and everyone will adjust. Best of luck!