Monday, August 12, 2013

Our Weekend

This past weekend I noticed another one of our chickens acting lazy and not eating. We recently bought 10 chickens that were already laying from a farmer down the road from us. This is the 3rd one to get sick. When I see them acting this way I normally bring them to the garage and give them a special little place to sleep to get away from the other hens. 

The boys were trying everything to get her to eat. We even bought "treat" food at Tractor Supply thinking she would go for that. Nope!

Kipton is really an animal lover. Karson talks to them and helps out, but he doesn't love all over them like Kipton does. 

I went inside to check dinner and the boys were playing in the garage. I came out to this. I took a video but can't figure out how to upload it to the blog post. Any ideas? 

Besides being on chicken guard, we also did a few other things this past weekend. We did a little school shopping for this boy going to PreK 4. He really doesn't need any supplies because they supply all of that, but we needed socks, undies, and some new shoes. He gets so excited over small things like new undies. I am thankful for that. It doesn't take much!

Daddy was home with us this weekend so he got to help snuggle these boys.

On Sunday we has the best service at church. The boys are so fun to take pictures of. (No!)

Do you see this little preacher boy? He is a character. He goes up to people at church and just starts hugging them. Our preacher said he was going to run the show someday. Lord, I hope so! That would be a mothers dream. 

Have a great week!!

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Karen said...

I battle work and kids too. The guilt I feel for working is tremendous but the blessings that it brings them for me to do so is worth it, maybe? I think so. I pray about the balance all the time and trust me they will let you know when the balance is off. But as far as the balance between work, kids and the housekeeping, you know what is important and somethings will slide. Don't worry. None of us are super mom even though we want to or try to be. I wish I had it figured out and could give you an easy answer for it all but I don't and as they and th personalities change each year you have to refigure it out all again. The best advise I can give you is make traditions among the chaos of life. That is what they will remember. Mine constantly remind me of things they are used to doing during certain times of the year and make sure you do those and enjoy them, not worrying about the house or the lesson plan.