Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Taking a stroll through the country...

We take a lot of walks here. It's not like the walks we used to take at our last home in a subdivision. It's way better! We do live on a gravel road, so that means no riding bikes down the road or being able to pull the wagon easily, but we love it and would not trade our gravel road for any other place. 
(My boys do get to ride bikes at my parent's house just over the hill because they have a lot of concrete)

I had my camera with me yesterday as I was pulling the boys on a morning walk. I thought I would take some pictures of our views as we stroll through our property. 

Walking down our gravel road. So pretty with all of the green trees!

A look at our garden. It is doing so much better than last year. Our new area is working out really well. 

Brussel Sprouts

Pumpkins are growing so fast! My dream is to have a pumpkin farm someday where people can come out and pick their own pumpkins on our land. 

There is always some kind of work going on. Kevin and my dad had just finished cutting a tree down. It was dead, and I was afraid the dead limbs would fall on the boys when we were down with the chickens so down it went. It's always a fun thing to watch!

This gate leads into another piece of property. There is a small cabin/house out there. 

We always check on our girls first thing in the morning. 

Feeding time! (I will be posting about our chickens here soon)

After living here for 2 years now, we are finally getting good grass. We have figured out that we have to keep the lawn mower blade REALLY high or it will kill it so fast. That means we have to mow about every 4 days. We have a lot of weed eating areas, which is very time consuming, but so worth it. 

Out back of our house we have lots of creek to play in. The boys love it!

We love the country! It is the best place to raise a family. Or so we think. 
We are hardly EVER inside unless someone is sick, or tired. I mentioned before that we had our cable TV turned off and I do not miss it much at all. Kevin on the other hand, is missing it bad. I think it's mainly the sportscenter that he misses. We have Netflix and the boys watch about 1 hour of TV per day, and really don't complain at all. They would rather be hiking, walking, playing outside.  

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of the country. 


Kelley said...

What a beautiful place! It's so lush and green compared to sw Kansas. Thanks for sharing. It's so neat to see into other people's worlds.

Debra @ Homespun said...

What a lovely place you have! :)