Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Days...

Have you ever felt like everything hits all at once?
That is the way things have been around these parts lately. But I know it's for a reason, just not for sure what that reason is. I mentioned before that I thought God was trying to teach me patience through the car wreck process. I still feel like it's happening in my life. 

Even though there is lots to do on our homestead, we do find time for FUN!

This week we:

-Swam at Nana & Pappaw Brad's house
- Went to the Ashland Park and Sprinkler Park with our friends Ashley, Jonas, and Jayden
- Went to Beech Fork to play and fish
- Played inside while it rained
- Built a fire, went on lots of walks, and rode bikes.

On our rainy day, we had a "pretend" birthday party for daddy. Karson LOVES birthdays, and we had a cake to make so we pretended it was daddy's birthday party. (even though he wasn't home) We wanted to surprise him with all the fun things we were making when he got home. The boys stayed in their pajamas all day, and we watched movies as well. They love being home!

We have Kevin home with us for 4 days. We sure have missed him! 

We are loving summer days.

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