Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring & Sickness & Prayers

On Sunday (Karson's birthday) it was 76 DEGREES outside! 

It was like a HEAVEN day. Just perfect!

We still need to take our winter bear down from the front porch. Horray! spring is on it's way.

O it SNOWED today! Seriously. Winter I am so over you. 

Since it's back to being winter, and Karson has been sick with a fever and just laying around we have been back to our ordinary, boring days of winter blahh.

Coloring, painting, playdohing, playing, crafting, cleaning, and trying to place "nice" together :)

Karson is an AMAZING colorer (is that word? haha) 
A year ago, he wouldn't even look at a coloring book and crayons. Now, I would say he
sits down at least 5 times per day and colors almost for 30 minutes getting it just right. 
He wants his characters to be the exact colors that they are for real. 

We have went on a few car rides, just to get out of the house. Even if this boy has been sick :(

We have been praying for Karson each night. It's so sweet to hear Kipton pray for his big brother. 
Karson has also been praying for Jesus to bring him "Cubby and Skelly" from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. After he said this prayer each and every night I wondered how I could teach him that we shouldn't really pray for possessions. But then I changed my mind and just let it go. He was so happy when he unwrapped that present from Nana and Papaw and told me later that God heard his prayer and told Nana to get it for him. I was thankful I didn't tell him otherwise. 

Thankful for spring days, sick days, and prayer times with my boys!

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