Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkin Carving Playgroup

It's been scheduled for a few months that I would host the Pumpkin Carving playgroup for our Mother's Club. So I got 15 pumpkins ready for our little friends to come over and carve them out in the garage. I know the pictures are no fun because they are of a yucky garage....BUT all of that mess with toddlers is easier outside.
I thought the boys would REALLY enjoy this...but I was a bit surprised when they suddenly left me to do all of the work. Neither of them wanted to get the "goop" out. I was so shocked because MESSY is their thing. They wanted to play with their friends who also left their momma's to do all of the work, but we had a great time carving and talking while the kids played.
I managed to take a few pictures amongst the chaos of trying to watch my 2 boys and carve a pumpkin, take pictures, and talk to my mommy friends.
The hit of the playgroup was this corn table. I got the idea from a local pumpkin patch and we had our water table that we put up for the winter but I dug it back out and loaded it with Kevin's deer corn. The kids LOVED it. If you are OCD about messes this is not for you. That is why it's NOT for me and I tried to stay away from that side of the garage. My Type A personality kicks in and I want to constantly clean the little corn kernels off of the floor but I wanted them to have fun and not worry about the mess.
Kipton had a blast with his friends!
The kids were happy and hipped up on cupcakes and yummy Halloween snacks.
I'm so thankful for the Mother's Club. Another fun festive playgroup for both the kiddos and the mommy's. Next week is our Halloween costume party! Can't wait :)
Karson says = SUCCESS!

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