Thursday, October 11, 2012


Boys are so many things, but when I think of my own two boys I think about these characteristics: rough, rowdy, loud, energetic, and full of energy! Add in the occasional whining and crying and you have a mental picture of my house.
When Kipton was still a newborn baby I had a friend come over to visit. She also had two boys that were 17 months apart. She said the stage that your boys are in is super easy rather than having two toddlers. I really thought she was crazy. No WAY! How is having a newborn any kind of easy?
Well she was right! This stage in my life is the hardest so far. They are everywhere and into everything. The Type A personality of wanting everything in order, and being in charge is out the window! You can try...but you will be nagging and even screaming all day to keep it that way.
I could have typed up this post with a bunch of hoop that makes you think everything is perfect and my children are so well behaved and life is so grand! But it's not. I want to remember how I dealt with these days that my boys were 3.5 and 2. It's rough I tell ya!! VERY rough. Because this is like my baby book for the boys, I want it to be the truth. Somedays are good, but most days are crazy.
I wish I had the answer on how to raise the best boy so he could grow up to be the best man. But I dont. I am living day to day trying to make it work and get through the day most of the time. I am hoping that our talks and our discipline will someday rub off and the boys WILL turn into those great men. I feel like most days I teach and teach and preach and preach to them on how we SHOULD act and how we SHOULD talk to others.
I think boys are SO hard but then again I don't have girls. I do teach in Karson's Sunday School class and can say that the other boys are following along with the same characteristics as mine. Energetic, full of energy, in their own mindset.
Daily praying is really getting me through right now. Even somedays I question if God is really hearing me, but normally there comes something from my praying. Whether it's a good day, or a lesson taught to me through a struggle.
But, at the end of that long hard day with lots of prayer they are still my babies. I just pray that I am doing the best at raising them.
 Parenting is sometimes SO hard, but also so rewarding!

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