Monday, August 27, 2012


An iPhone dump of pictures. What we've been up to:

A trip to the new Cabela's store. All of our boys were in love! I admit it was pretty awesome :)

We went up on a Friday evening and stayed in there for almost 2 hours and the boys didn't say 1 word. They were in awe of the fish tank and the stuffed animals. Then we had dinner at a steakhouse and it was just AWFUL! Awful food, service, and Kipton took about 8 years off of my life that night. We soon remembered why we don't go out to eat. The 2 year old restaurant style is no fun.
Nature hikes with momma!
Trying to get a picture with the boys is HARD! How do people do this?
Karson has really been enjoying the Wii. He loves playing Wii Sports and the new hunting game that daddy got the boys from Cabelas
Pinterest Idea: Gummy worms in Dirt :)
Kipton at his friend Haley's house for a playdate. He LOVED this baby doll. It was super sweet. Karson wanted NOTHING to do with it. Kipton rocked it, hugged it, kissed her, put her in her crib and told her Awwww about 100 times. It was super funny.
Then he found a REAL baby at bible study at church. He was IN LOVE except for he wanted to touch his eyes and head and that made me a little nervous for the mommy.
We made homemade playdoh! He was so easy. I will never buy it from the store again.
Super fun and easy
Enjoying a Sonic slushy. Loved grape!
Homemade spaghetti sause and baked in the oven. YUMM! Kevin ate 3 plates. :)
What a face!!
Another moment with a baby doll - O boy!
Hope you have a great week!! We are getting everything ready for Karson to start preschool next Wednesday. I am SOO excited for him to get this experience.

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