Monday, May 21, 2012

Sick Days

On Saturday afternoon Kipton woke up with a nasty fever! No other symptoms just a fever. I was pretty sure it was from his 2 year old molars that have been trying to come in now for a month. But, we went into the walk-in clinic just to be sure. Sure enough..she said it was not ears or throat so she contributed it to his teeth. Poor Kip he just can't get these teeth in.

So we have had lots of Popsicles and frozen gogurts (which I just learned you could do)

We have stayed inside for nearly 2 days, and that is a long time for these outside boys. We have tried to keep busy inside to keep Kipton out of the heat.

The boys showing off their new lunch boxes from Nana.

Anything with tractors/bulldozers/dump trucks are a good things :)

As much as I really hate sickness I am trying to embrace the fact that Kipton will only be 22 months old once and he won't let me hold him when he gets bigger. He is becoming such a sweet little boy. Every time I give him his drink or a snack he says "Thank you Mommy" in the sweetest little voice.
Another funny thing he does: When I do something like cover him up with the blanket or turn the TV on he'll say "Good Job Mommy". This is pretty funny coming from a little one.

I love them so much!! Even on the sick days :)

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