Monday, April 2, 2012

More on the Easter Bunny

To continue from the last post about our church's Easter Egg hunt, I wanted to remember Kevin (aka daddy) as the Easter Bunny. Because Kevin works so much there is not much time he can volunteer at church. I help teacher Karson's Sunday School class a full month every 3 or so months. It is fun and I enjoy watching the kids interact with each other while learning about our wonderful God who is SO big!

I went ahead and signed Kevin up to go to the volunteer meeting at church for the Egg hunt. He come home very excited and said he was up for the running to be the Easter Bunny. They were trying to decide what to have the Easter Bunny do that would make him a big treat for the kids so they let him ride in on a 4-wheeler to "Born to be Wild". It was cute!! Kevin had a good time and really got to know the guys in our church better. He really enjoyed himself during the 2 day set up/tear down time with the church guys. I am so happy he is involved and will be working again this Easter Sunday.

The night before his big debut he had to try on the costume (above) and we made sure it was during a time when Karson was with his grandparents so that we didn't ruin the "Bunny" for him. Kipton sure did love seeing this huge bunny appear as he was getting his bath :)

I also wanted to note that Karson DID like seeing the Easter Bunny at the Egg Hunt. However, he was very overwhelmed by the 300 + parents/kids that were there and when the buzzer went off and everyone started running towards the eggs Karson began crying. There I was on a football field with 2 kids under 3 and one was crying and one was trying to get eggs. It was a little overwhelming for me, so I can understand where Karson overwhelmed. In the midst of the situation I was a little disheartened by my son who was the only one crying in a fun type of environment. But after coming home and thinking about it, I can see how overwhelming it is to a 3 year old boy. After many talks about the situation Karson did tell me he got scared of all the people running. I am hoping this passes with age but once again mommy guilt sat in with even thinking that Karson was in the wrong for crying.

Kipton however went straight for the eggs wild and crazy just like all the other parents/kids. I can't believe how some parents act over silly Easter Eggs. WOW! It was a real eye opener for me, but all in all we had a great time and it was a great ministry for our church.

I am excited to share some projects we have been doing here at home for Easter.

I only have school Monday-Wednesday this week so that is exciting! Looking forward to my 5 day weekend with the boys. Just 3 more weeks and student teaching is over and then it's HELLO summer break :)

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