Saturday, March 31, 2012

1st Easter Egg Hunt

Today, our awesome church hosted it's 2nd annual Eggapoloza Egg Hunt. It was at an old high school football field and was seperated into different age groups. Here are the boys before it started. It was a cold morning!

Karson was so excited for the Easter Bunny. I had talked and talked about what he should expect at the egg hunt. He was super excited and clapping to see him come out.

During the egg hunt the kids got a closer look at the Easter Bunny (aka: Daddy/Kevin)
Kevin volunteered to be the Easter Bunny for the egg hunt. He was supposed to come out in a flying gocart but then things changed and he just came out in a go-cart. The kids went wild in the stands. It was super fun for them!

Here is a closer look at the Easter Bunny :)

More to come on the Easter Bunny.

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