Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bad Dream

I am writing this post, only because I want to remember in case I forget. However, it probably would be best if I forgot this event and never had the mental picture ever again.

It was Monday night and Kevin had his friend over to help work around the house. We have a huge burn pile to burn from the logs that were timbered in order to build our house. They decided to start the fire. It was a pretty big fire but of course they had it under control. I had been taking pictures of them working to put into our house scrapbook.

We have been trying to get our back yard straightened up so that we can have more dozing work done. We had a couple more friends come and hang out because Kevin was off work for a few days and everyone wanted to see him.

Erin and Josh

Karson was out with us during the bonfire. I had just put Kipton down and had the monitor and kept checking back in on him. Karson LOVES it when friends come over. He loves Erin and Josh and Pup.

My hard working husband. Super stubborn and won't sit still EVER!

Karson LOVES these guys! He wants to be in on all the action and hard work.

After taking all of these pictures and having a fun time the unthinkable happened.

Erin and I had went in the house to give Karson his bath, and put him to bed. After we waited for him to fall asleep it was about 9:00. We went back out to check on the guys. It was pretty dark by down and Kevin kept putting logs on the fire. I had told him that it was getting too dark to do any more work.

He of course didn't listen and he tripped over a stump and fell in the fire. It was like a slow motion movie. The worst mental picture you could ever think about. He went face first and then within seconds he was on his feet walking towards me. I was freaking out and all of our friends were in complete shock I don't think anyone moved for what seemed like years. When we all realized what had happened we were running towards Kevin to help him get to the house.

Thankfully and it's a miracle to say that his face is not burned what so ever. I defiantly know that God was in the picture during this event. His arms are burned from his elbows down to his hands. He was in HUGE pain and had to get them scrubbed in the bathtub so that infection would not set in.

We went to the ER and thankfully they treated him and sent him back home. It was the scariest night of my life. 4 days later Kevin is still in pain and is healing slowly but surely. We are hoping that everything heals nicely and there are minimal scars. Our family is so lucky to have Kevin! He works so hard for us as a boat pilot along with his work at our house.

Please keep Kevin in your prayers. It is hard for him to do much but he is still thankfully able to run the boat at work. I am so thankful for the outcome of this situation. It could have been SOO much worse! Thankful for our mighty God who was watching over Kevin and our family.

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