Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I really like decorating for the different holidays. Gives me something to look forward to. (I know, dorky!) I always love to have flags/wreaths to go with each holiday. There is a certain flag store that I go to at the flea market just to get her new flags. I have a little flag holder and a big flag on the side of the house. I swore I wasn't going to drill into our new house to put up the big flag but I love it so much.

Added some hearts that hang from our light in the kitchen/dining room.

Valentines Placemates and Centerpiece

Some Valentine's towels in the kitchen.

One side of the living room. I changed my curtains to these. Kevin said they looked better because they were "countrier" (is that even a word) Normally he could care less about the inside of the house but since we have moved he has had more of an opinion. He loves the country type decorations so I try to lean towards that side. Our "Dick Family" sign we had made and we love it.

Karson is really into reading with the tag reader. He loves it! It was a Christmas gift from Kevin's aunt. It came with a Toy Story and Mickey Mouse book.

Speaking of Karson I can't believe that his 3rd birthday is coming up in March. I have asked him what he wants for a party and he says he wants it at the "jumpy place" and wants it to be tools. So I guess I am going to fulfill his wishes and get busy on that. We really don't have many kids to invite so I'm not sure how that will work since we won't have enough kids for a party package at the jump place.

Hope everyone is enjoying the winter. It really hasn't been too bad here in WV. Yesterday was 60 which was WONDERFUL!! Today is about 57. I'll take it :)

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