Monday, August 15, 2011

Kipton - 12 months

Kipton turned the big 1 on July 20th but he just now went for his 1 year well visit. Our pediatrician has been super booked and this was the earliest he could get his appointment. It was a special time with just Mommy and Kipton. It always feels like such a difference when you have just one of your children. He was surely loving the fact that he could blabber away in the car ride there and not have Karson to interrupt him. Boy was he a jabber box. Too cute!!

His stats for his 12 month visit were:

Weight: 24 lbs 3 oz

Height: 30 1/4

Head Circ: 48.5

He was in the 53% for weight. 62% for height and 91% for head. She said his head is big but it is really proportional and that he looked great. His development and interaction was great. Overall a great checkup...besides the shots. We have been taking it kinda easy this evening and he even had 2 naps today due to the shots. Overall a great day!

*No I am not going to the doctor today. Are you crazy momma?!*

*Ok it's not so bad. Kinda fun!*

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