Sunday, August 21, 2011

13 Months

I was thinking about Kipton's baby book and always get that sick feeling in my stomach like I haven't been true to it. As sad as it is, it is much easier and faster to type than to write. I do NEED to get it up to date though. I have most of the memories/dates wrote down but not in the book.

I'm sorry Kipton. Everyone was right about the 2nd child. You are busier and don't get around to a lot of things you could when you just had 1 child.
So anyway, here is my little update on our precious boy at 13 months.

  • You went to the doctor last week for your 12 month appt.
  • You weigh 24 lbs. You are 62% in weight, 52% in height, and 91% in head circ.
  • You have always had a large head but the dr. says its been proportional and is growing just fine.
  • You wear a size 4 diaper. You wear 18 month clothes. But I am pretty sure you are needing 24 months in the shirts here soon.
  • You are walking EVERYWHERE and into EVERYTHING!
  • You are almost running! I can't believe it.
  • You love your brother more than anyone. After about 1 hour of being awake you are going to the stairs trying to knock the gate down so you can get upstairs and wake up Karson.
  • You take 1 nap now. I try to stretch you out to 1pm so you and Karson will nap at the same time. Sometimes you can't make it and crash after I feed you lunch.
  • You sleep from 8:30-7:30am.
  • You still take your paci and your little blankie.
  • You are a wild man with a huge temper. If Karson walks away from you too fast or you are grabbing at a toy that Karson has you SCREAM!!
  • You are saying some words now. Momma, Daaaa-deeeee, Cho Cho, Shishy (fishy), Dog Dog, Ashes Ashes (we are singing that song alot these days), Juice. You will pretty much say anything we ask you to repeat.
  • You love being in the backyard playing in your baby pool or your little slide.
  • You love taking walks and bike rides.
Even though you have a huge temper and really know how to throw a fit already you are still cuddly and loving. You are kinda lazy in the mornings and will lounge around with momma. You are a sweetheart and we are so happy to have you!!

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