Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our Weekend

We had a great 4th of July weekend! The boys were happy to have daddy home all weekend. Here is about how our day went on Saturday:

We go on our daily bike ride normally after dinner around the neighborhood. The boys love it and it is normally really peaceful and quiet because they are busy looking around.

I wish the stores carried helmets for babies. The smallest they have is for age 3 and Kipton
does have a big head for his age but he really hates his helmet. Poor boy!

Normally while I'm preparing dinner this is what is going on:



Kipton was finally invited into the "Dick Boys" wrestling match the past few weeks because he can hold is own now. They sure have a blast!

"I really do love it MOM!" -Kip

1st corn on the cob. (just nummed it of course but he still thought he was big stuff)

After dinner we played more outside, took our bike ride, and then we did a big "change in schedule".

I am such a stickler for the exact schedule, every single day for the boys. So, when I mentioned going to see fireworks at 10pm, even Kevin looked at me strange. So I gave the boys a bath and got them in their pj's and we hoped in the car for downtown.

Kevin had the best idea of going on top of the parking garage to watch. Karson LOVED it!

I was a bit worried about the loud noises with Kipton and how he would do coming out past his 8pm bedtime but....

He slept through the entire show.

What a great Saturday

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