Thursday, February 22, 2018

Any Spring Weather?

Here in West Virginia, we have been having spring like weather. 

Tuesday it was 80 and Wednesday 72. It was so nice to have that warm weather.

I can't wait to get outside and get my flowers planted, and our garden going. 

It is a lot of work but very worth it. I miss the green grass between my toes, and being able to take long walks to the fishing hole that my boys enjoy. 

What about you??

Are you itching for Spring?


Billie Jo said...

And in Pennsylvania, we had a quick taste of spring weather on Tuesday.
We were able to eat dinner outside!
Today, we are back to rain and ice and cold.
So back in to cozy days inside. : )
Have a nice evening!

Simply Farmhouse said...

Sounds like a wonderful kind of day! I can't wait for more days like that around here.
I love to plant flowers!!! HUGS!

Paula Santos said...
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Paula Santos said...

Yes I am! :)
Around here, there are gray skies, rain and cold.
Have a blessed week!