Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Managing the Home (Starting your day)

There is something about the quiet mornings, that make me so happy.

I have been really trying to make it a point to wake up before anyone else in my home.

This quiet time is good for us as moms.

I love to quietly get my coffee perking. Get my bible ready. Sit down to the Word that I am learning about daily. Read some passages that will get me in the right state of mind for the day.

Sometimes it's so easy to open social media first thing when we wake up.

What has been posted on Instagram, on Facebook.

Oh, I better check my email or my bank account.

But wait! Can't all of that wait?

Can you devote yourself at least 15 minutes first thing when you wake up to the Lord and his Word?

Put down your phone.
Keep it turned off.
Don't power it on until your quiet reading and devotion time is finished. 
Enjoy your cup of coffee or tea.
Without your phone.


This is a great time to pray for anything that is on your heart and mind.
Pray for your day. That God will use you in a special way at home.

I write these things because I am needing to change my habits. It's getting colder here in the early mornings. Staying in bed under the warm blankets is nice. But when I make it a point to get up and do what I know is best for my spirits will make my entire family have a better day.

The mother sets the tone for the whole home.

I must remind myself of this.
How do you want your children to remember you?

Make it a point to get up a little earlier,
have that quiet time in the Word,
and reflect on all that the Lord has given you.

Be positive! Be thankful! Be content! 

Blessings to you,

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Simply Farmhouse said...

Very wise words, I love this heartfelt post. A little time along with God makes the greatest difference in our home. Sacrificing this time for the Lord is sacrifice worship unto the Lord. He will notice and He will bless you and your home for it. HUGS sweet friend. Happy Thanksgiving!